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Celebrate Sausage Roll Day with Loaf!

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

On Tuesday 5th June we are celebrating National Sausage Roll Day and Loaf Cafe Bakery’s 3rd birthday with an all day offer of just £1.99 for one of our huge, award winning Rolls with Soul and a cup of tea or coffee!

Loaf Cafe Bakery is a bright yellow building situated on the Grosvenor Road just across the road from the Royal Victoria Hospital. The cafe opened in June 2015 when social enterprise NOW Group invested in renovating a building that had laid derelict for 10 years into a cafe offering a quality menu of locally sourced food and speciality coffees.

Loaf’s special recipe sausage rolls soon became the best selling product in the cafe and are dubbed ‘Rolls with Soul’ referencing the fact they are made by a social enterprise. Available in several varieties including traditional pork, vegetarian and seasonal specials all of Loaf’s sausage rolls include a hearty portion of mouth watering filling covered in melt in the mouth pastry.

Since the cafe opened over 7500 sausage rolls have been sold. What started as a product aimed at taxi drivers and builders is now also offered in the top boardrooms throughout the city to executives using Loaf’s outside catering business, while in the cafe students can be found taking photos comparing the size of the sausage rolls to their hands to post on social media.

The popularity of the sausage rolls has created 2 paid jobs for local people with learning difficulties who prepare them each day as well as 500 training hours for participants preparing for work. They were crowned the ‘Food Product of the Year’ at last year’s Social Enterprise NI Awards, while cafe manager Cathy Moore was recently named ‘Cafe Manager of the Year’ at the Institute of Hospitality Awards for Professionalism. Everything Loaf does is based around its mission of supporting people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future. The popularity and success of the sausage rolls is helping achieve this goal in a delicious way...never forgetting that calories don’t count when they are social!

Get your sausage roll (traditional pork or vegetarian) and tea or coffee for £1.99 at Loaf Cafe Bakery, 307 Grosvenor Road, Belfast, BT12 4LP between 8.30am and 4pm on Tuesday 5th June 2018.



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