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Shopping social, local and spreading a little cheer

Honeycomb is a locally owned recruitment business that decided to use its purchasing power for good at Christmas.

Used to getting, perhaps, some lovely chocolates or an invitation to a slap-up lunch, Honeycomb’s clients this year were surprised with a beautiful Buttercup mug from Loaf Pottery.

Mairead Scott, Managing Director at Honeycomb, explains “I love Loaf’s products and was really keen to support social enterprises within our supply chain. I wanted to move away from giving gifts that were ‘temporary’ and find something with real meaning. The Buttercup mugs will be used year-round and bring our clients a little bit of cheer. I know that the money we spent on them makes a real impact. We are delighted to be able to support the work that Loaf and NOW Group does to support those facing barriers to employment in to work. Honeycomb is a passionate advocate of Diversity & Inclusion and we have recently been awarded the Legal Island D&I Charter.”

Loaf’s pottery sales increased by 300% year on year thanks to companies like Honeycomb – and lots of individuals purchasing from us, too.

Diane Hill, Director of Business and Organisational Development at NOW Group comments, “I’m so pleased that Honeycomb decided to buy from our social enterprise for their corporate gifts. We are currently working with some other companies to provide branded mugs and are keen to expand our corporate relationships. I am always interested to talk to companies who understand the importance of weaving sustainability into their supply chains and would thus be interested in buying from us – whether that be catering, pottery or both.”

What did Honeycomb’s clients think of their gifts? Mairead says that amongst the “delighted” clients, one messaged to say that they were “buzzing to be the lucky recipient of the famous Loaf yellow mug.”

Great feedback for our top seller – Buttercup. We think Blush might be coming up on the rails for Valentine’s Day, though!

Our full range is available at if you want to buy some pottery with purpose.



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