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The Benefits of Buying from a Social Enterprise Café

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Across Ireland and the UK there are several social enterprise cafés who are paving the way in educating and providing job opportunities for disadvantaged people within the community. At Loaf Café and Catering, we support people with learning disabilities and autism to gain training and careers within the catering industry. The benefits of buying from a social enterprise café are endless. We cannot think of a better way of enjoying your morning coffee or catching up with friends over a socially conscious lunch date!

What Is a Social Enterprise Café?

Social enterprise cafés are making positive changes in the world. They are similar to traditional businesses where they aim to make a profit, however it is what they do with the profits that makes them stand out. Profits made from selling foods and services are used to create jobs, reinvest back into their business, and give to their local communities.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase from a Social Enterprise Café

Invest Into Your Community

Purchasing your lunch or morning coffee from a social enterprise in Northern Ireland gives you the opportunity to invest in your community. The money you spend will have a positive impact on the lives of those around you rather than going into the pockets of large corporations. When you buy from Loaf Café and Catering you are making a difference to the lives of our participants with learning difficulties and autism. You will feel rewarded knowing that you are giving back to your community and making a difference to those who need it the most.

See the Difference You Can Make

Many social enterprises will share good news stories on how they are positively impacting the community with their services through reports, social media, blogs, and press releases. You can follow these good news stories and see the social impact you have had. By sharing this positive news with your friends, family, and work colleagues you can encourage them to become conscious of where they are spending their money and how they can make a valuable contribution to their community.

Become Aware of Where Your Money Is Going

When you purchase foods and services from restaurant chains and other well-known high street cafés, you don’t know where your money will end up. These chains are often linked to larger corporations and your money could fund something that you are not supportive of. This differs to social enterprise cafés who are transparent and clearly explain where your money goes and how it will be used. For example, at Loaf Café for every £1 that is invested into us we can generate £20 in social value. You will feel at ease knowing that the money you spend will be used for good within your community.

Invest In Quality Food and Services

Just because you buy social doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality. A majority of social enterprise cafés spend time researching into their products and only use top quality suppliers. At Loaf Café our ‘food with purpose’ is made using quality, fresh, local produce. Buying lunch made from local ingredients will also help to lessen your carbon-footprint. Using local ingredients will eliminate wasted energy that is used to deliver produce from overseas.

Make A Difference With Loaf Café and Catering

At Loaf Café we are a social enterprise in Ireland that is working towards building a community of food lovers and of people who are interested in using their money to make a valuable impact. We have several local cafés in Belfast and other locations including the Ulster Folk Park and at our Pottery in Crawfordsburn where we offer speciality coffee, delicious food, and a relaxing environment where you can meet friends and family. We also offer event catering in Belfast where we deliver fresh food for all types of occasions straight to your door. For more information on the delicious we offer, view our menu today.



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