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Why Pottery Is The perfect Gift for Loved Ones this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for that special someone. While there are a lot of options to choose, one of the best gifts you can give is handmade Irish pottery. Here is Loaf’s guide to why pottery is the perfect gift for loved ones this Valentine’s Day to help you show them how much you care.

Loaf Pottery’s Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Irish Pottery Mugs

Handmade Ceramic Mugs

Loaf’s handmade ceramic mugs are a stunning gift that will wow your Valentine. What makes our mugs so special is that they are made with love and care in our pottery in Crawfordsburn. Each piece of pottery we create has its own unique character so no two pieces are alike. These subtle differences can be seen on the outside of our mugs which show where the potter's hands have been when they were working on the wheel. Our mugs are available in a range of different colours, from a dark Fern green to a bright Buttercup yellow. Loaf has something to suit everyone’s individual style.

Handmade Pottery Gifts For Valentines Day

Stunning Vases

Loaf’s curved and straight vases are ideal handmade Valentines Day gifts. Our vases come in a range of stunning colours and are perfect for displaying your valentine’s favourite flowers. What makes our Irish pottery so unique is that it has a versatile style. Our vases can be used as part of your home's modern interior design, by displaying it on your mantle or used as a centrepiece on the dining table.

Valentine's Day Gift Sets

Coffee Lovers Gift Sets

For the coffee lovers in your life our Coffee Gift Set is the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Idea. Our set consists of one of our handmade ceramic mugs and Loaf’s specialty bag of coffee. You can personalise the gift by choosing a colour of the mug and if you would like coffee beans or ground coffee.

Handmade Pottery Gifts For Dogs

Ceramic Dog Bowls

Don’t forget your four legged best friend this Valentine’s Day with our handmade ceramic dog bowls. Our dog bowls are eco-friendly, durable, and stylish. Your dog can eat and drink in style with Loaf’s handmade pottery gifts. Our dog bowls come in a range of different colours and you can ring our pottery manager to discuss adding personalisation to your bowl. Show your dog some love and gift them one of our ceramic dog bowls this Valentine’s Day.

Shop Loaf’s Handmade Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

This Valentine’s Day choose Loaf’s handmade pottery gifts. Our Irish Pottery will wow your loved ones and they will cherish your gift for years to come. You can purchase our pottery online or alternatively they can be purchased from our Pottery in Bangor and cafes in Belfast.



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